Recorded May 21, 2020


A word from Pastor Brent Snook regarding the Coronavirus

[Updated: May 22, 2020]

Dear First Baptist Family,

For some time now I have been greatly anticipating sharing this kind of announcement with you.  After much prayer and seeking wisdom from God, our pastoral staff, many pastors from other churches as well as reading many articles on the subject of reopening churches, IT IS NOW TIME. 

As never before, we should all see the value and need of the local church.  We are a family and when family is separated for a period of time there is great anticipation to regather.  We have done what we could to stay connected through online services, Zoom meetings (ABF), emails, phone calls and some have met in parks and on porches.  It is now time to come back together and we want to do that in the safest and most sensible way.  Please read and study this detailed set of guidelines as we reopen First Baptist Church for phase 1. 

First, let me say that we will reopen in phases.  I want to address the 1st phase in this information.  I want to address three things:  THE WHEN, THE WHAT, and THE HOW.

THE WHEN:  We are excited to say that Sunday, May 31st, will be our day to reopen First Baptist Church for corporate worship.  Everyone is anticipating a great day of worship together.  This has been a prayerful and careful decision and we are now ready to worship.

THE WHAT:  Because of the logistics of social distancing, we will be focusing primarily on our Sunday morning services.  At this time our Sunday morning worship hour will be “family style.”  For phase 1 we will NOT be offering nurseries or children’s church.  It is very difficult to practice social distancing with children; therefore, we are going to wait to offer nurseries and our programs for children.  It is of utmost importance to us to provide a safe and healthy environment to all.  We have also decided to wait to resume Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School) as well as Sunday PM services and Wednesday night Bible Study.

THE HOW:  We are blessed with a large worship center; therefore, it will be much easier to practice social distancing.  We will have every other row taped off throughout the sanctuary.  We are asking everyone to sit by household with at least 3 seats between the next family.  We will be having two services.  The first service will be at 9:00 a.m. and the second service at 11:00 a.m.  The service will be shortened in order for the Worship Center to be completely sanitized and ready for the second service.  If you would attend the service you were attending before COVID-19 that would make for an easy way to somewhat balance out the services.  The services will be identical for a while.  We do not want to take any chances of putting the choir at risk by their proximity when singing.  We also ask that the lobby seating be reserved for parents with restless babies and for those who need to watch the service from the lobby.

Doors will be propped open, sanitizer will be throughout the building, offerings can be placed in the offering chests outside of each door leading into the Worship Center or you may continue giving online or by mail.  Water fountains will be shut off, but we will be offering water bottles throughout the lobby for anyone who would like water.  We are asking you to follow your own heart when it comes to wearing a face covering.  Some will wear one while others will choose not to wear one.  Please be understanding of one another.  The most important thing is to practice social distancing.  If you have any health issues, we recommend you stay at home and watch our online services until the coronavirus is behind us.  We will continue our online services with livestream.

I greatly anticipate worshipping together.  We have missed the corporate worship, but I have been so blessed to see the First Baptist family so faithful in your online worship as well as your worship by giving.  You are a church to be praised.

I look forward to seeing you May 31st at either 9:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m.

In His Love,

Pastor Snook

[Updated: May 22, 2020]