Upward Family,

We are thrilled to offer an Upward Basketball and Cheerleading program for the 2021 season. COVID has certainly caused us to modify HOW we will conduct the league, but it doesn’t change WHY! Why we offer this league is still the same; to provide an instructional sports program that focuses on

                          -the fundamentals of basketball and cheerleading,

                          -the character of each player,

                          -and the promotion of good sportsmanship.

Upward basketball and cheerleading is a league on a mission to develop every athlete mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially with the overall goal of producing players who excel on and off the court. To provide the best league possible in light of COVID-19, we are asking that EVERY participant understand the following expectations for this season.

We desire to be sensitive but sensible in how we run the league. The most significant defense against the spread of COVID is YOU! As we do our part to provide a clean and safe league, we are asking YOU to be responsible and respectful to do your part.


We are asking each of you to be responsible for:

  1. Keeping your hands clean.
  2. Checking your temperature before attending a game or practice.
  3. Staying home if your temperature is over 100.3 or if you are sick.
  4. Quarantining for 14 days if you are exposed to the COVID virus.


We are asking each of you to be respectful by:

  1. Practicing social distancing when possible.
  2. Respecting individual decisions regarding masks.
  3. Following the posted signs directing the flow of traffic in the building.
  4. Supporting the decisions made by the league’s leadership team.

For us to accommodate for COVID-19 concerns, we are modifying the following aspects of the league.

  1. We are limiting the number of participants to allow time and space for practice nights and Saturday game days. The only way to register is online and will be a first-come, first-serve basis. Once a division is full, registrants will be placed on a waiting list.
What that means is as follows:
We are NOT offering a Kindergarten division this season.
1-2 grade division will have 8 teams with an 80 participant limit and 2 cheerleading squads with a 16 participant limit.
3-4 grade division will have 8 teams with an 80 participant limit and 2 cheerleading squads with a 16 participant limit.
5-6 grade division will have 8 teams with an 80 participant limit and 2 cheerleading squads with a 16 participant limit.

  1. Registration will stay open until November 18, and the cost will remain at $100 per participant. After November 18 (if there is still room), the registration cost will be $120.
  2. We will NOT have player evaluations.
  3. You must select your child’s uniform size when you register! On the registration page, there is a PDF link for the uniform sizing chart for you to use to select the correct size for your child.
  4. We will implement a 30-minute break between games and practice times to allow families to exit the building before the start of the next session.
  5. We will NOT use the classrooms for locker rooms. Teams will meet on the court for their game. Players need to arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled game or practice time. There is no need to arrive early. This will give time for the previous group to leave the building.
  6. We will NOT have player introductions for this season. We know this is a highlight for the kids and families; however, we are simplifying the game day to accommodate the schedule and minimize congested areas.
  7. We will NOT be offering concession, and teams will NOT have snacks after the games.
  8. Coaches will hand out game day stars at the next practice rather than after the game.
  9. Players need to bring their own clearly marked water bottle as the water fountains will be turned off.

Please understand that the modifications may change before or during the season depending on the local or state requirements or recommendations.

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